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Paintings for the meetingrooms of HQ Deloitte (named after Capital Cities)

August 24th, 2018  |  Published in Russia today

Bilderberger Gianni Agnelli FIAT (Rom – Turin)

Lord Jacob de Rothshild (London) Illuminati

My boys have to learn in their young childhood  – all names of the five children of Amschl Mayer Rothschild; You know it!?

Minister of Finance, Germany H.E. Schäuble (Berlin)

PM Winston Churchill (London), born Lord Marlborough

Madleine Albright, Secretary of State US (Praque)… so jewish

Andre Kostolany, Expert of shares and bonds (Budapest). Was knowing him personally. Still have a dedicated book for me, by him …

Pianist Vladimir Horowitz (only Arthur Rubinstein can beat him…what do you think!?)

For the Consulate at HQ Deloitte => Kosmonaut or Astronaut 😉

Some meeting rooms at Deloitte (Certified Public Accountants)

Idea for Meeting Room Vienna at Deloitte

(Info: above computer animation and below finished work)

Bertha von Suttner (nobel prize winner from Austria)

Johann Strauss Austrian Composer

Israel Defense Forces femal Soldier in Tel-Aviv (in Vienna you also can find alongside  the danube a so called Tel-A-Viv beach)


Karl Marx, Brain & Influencer (Brussels, where he wrote „The Capital“)

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