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Februar 26th, 2016  |  Published in Bildhauerei  |  3 Comments

2 step details in Wax before melting in the melting Company Loderer, Feldbach:



  1. HPP sagt:

    Both sculptures by me: Prof. Karel Kubinzky (Master of the Lodge) and Dante Alighieri (750 years Event in 2015).

  2. Alice Burnes sagt:

    And how is going on after the Wax treatment!?

  3. HPP sagt:

    It is a longer process, where positive (Wax positive) and negativ (Silicon negative) images (objects) are changing, but after Wax Treatment, the final procedure will be in a junk box (where melting channels has to be installed), which will be heated with 700 degree celsius; ofcourse the wax is disappearing and the melting process can be started, where at 1200 degree celsius the bronze will be filled in… (explanation in a nutsshell)

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